Back to School

School started last week for Indianola K-8, one of LOUA’s partners, and the teachers there are looking for ways to get involved with the arboretum. One teacher has volunteered her class to help with the leaf drawings for the tree markers in the arboretum.  She plans to take her class on a walking tour, collect leaves from the canopy trees and then begin sketches.  Two of the 2nd grade teachers are interested in beginning the swallowtail habitat.  Other teachers will be introducing seeds and movement into their classes next week. It was a very exciting beginning to the school year, and all of the teachers have come back ready to explore the ecology and environment that surrounds their school.

Nineteen of the teachers at Indianola will be using the Outdoor Learning Environment this fall to enrich their classrooms.  Students from kindergarten through eighth grade will be building butterfly habitats, writing poetry, building sculptures, composting, studying weather, leaf identification, along with movement through the garden.

It’s really great that these students are going to be instilled with a love of nature!

Until next time!


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