Calumet Bridge

I’ve just come back from looking at the Calumet Bridge over the ravine, the one by the North High School. For those of you who aren’t from the neighborhood, the bridge has been removed because it was falling apart more rapidly than expected. Pete and Mike McLaughlin said that they had cut down many of the trees, and I had to go see for myself.

So many trees were now gone, including a beautiful black gum that Pete thought was over 300 years old. Such a magnificent tree, having been here since 1710 or thereabouts. The fall color on that tree was so beautiful. The nice thing about crossing the Calumet Bridge was that Nyssa’s crown was right at eye level, making it a unique perspective from a human’s point of view. (The scientific name for the black gum is Nyssa sylvatica which I somehow turned into Nyssa, a lovely name for a lovely tree.) Along with Nyssa some oaks were taken down. I know that sometimes these things can’t be helped, but I am very sad to see my lovely Nyssa gone. Although what’s done is done, we are working with city officials to make sure the restoration efforts are sufficient for the amount of damage that occurred.

Until next time.


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