The Trip Northeast

I apologize for the long lapse between posts. Pete and I went on a week-long trip back to Pete’s home in Connecticut. Between the preparations for the trip and the trip itself, time just got away from me!

When Pete and I headed off in our car, we both wondered what the trip would show in terms of damage from Tropical Storm Irene and the additional rains that followed. We first noticed the effects in crossing the Susquehanna River. Normally a wide, placid river, the waters had expanded even more. One island was nothing more than the crowns of the trees that were on it. As we got closer to the coast, we saw more damage, mostly to trees. One river had hundreds of trees that had fallen over into the water from their soil being washed away at the roots. Then we rode past a flood plain for the same river and saw many smaller trees that had been pushed over by the sheer force of the water. Within New York City, there were many trees including a group of oaks that were uprooted. Along the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut, more trees were down. In fact, everywhere we went, trees were down. So very sad.

But we also got to see the glory of trees in the Pennsylvania woods. all green and lush with an occasional burst of color – much too soon to see the full beauty of autumn just yet. But the most amazing trees were in Philip Johnson’s Glass House and the Rockefeller’s summer home near Sleepy Hollow, New York. Mr. Johnson was originally from Ohio and when planning his home in 1948, he made sure that every detail was just perfect. Trees were used as extensions of the art of his home, with branches trimmed just so to provide the best view and effect.

The Rockefeller’s summer home is situated on the highest hill in Sleeping Hallow, Kykuit. In order to create a place for the home, the hill, which was mostly rocks, had to be flattened to create a space for the house to sit. There were also many trees planted and beautiful gardens created. But the best part of the home was the view from the veranda. The home was 500 feet above sea level with stunning views of the trees along the Hudson River and the Palisades. It truly was breathtaking; I could have grabbed a stack of books and never moved.

Until next time!


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