For more information, contact John Krygier (

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  1. Karl Wohlwend

    I just found out about this. I love the idea! I live on E Weber and would like to help. Please keep me informed.

    • Karl, you are the first person to leave a comment on my blog. I feel like that should qualify you for a free tree or something! Did you see that we are having a meeting this Tuesday, May 24th? Details are in one of the postings. We’d love to have you there to offer suggestions, comments or help!

  2. Jeremy Carroll

    Great meeting tonight! I’m very excited about the plans and will be checking the blog for updates. Thanks!

  3. Wonderful! New trees will be a benefit to humans and wildlife, I’m so pleased to see Arcadia is included in the project. Hooray for trees!

  4. How does this program work? Do we request a tree? I’m really happy to see Arcadia included in the project too.

    • Hi, Edie. My understanding is that the city of Columbus will send out an “opt-out” post card some time this summer for those slated to have a tree planted in their tree lawn. This card will give information on the tree plantings that the city will be doing. These cards will go to some of the residents in the arboretum this fall. Those not receiving a postcard this year should get one next year. The trees that are going to be planted will be coming from OSU and the city. Hopefully, this answers your questions. If not, please let me know.

  5. My tree was planted today at 332 Olentangy St! So is this part of the arboretum program?

  6. Who do I talk to about bringing a carillon/kinetic sculpture? 299-4702. It was well received by both children and adults at the just past ComFest. I have pictures if you want to see it Tadit Anderson

  7. Is that a homestead site in the ravine just past Hudson? You go down the hill and on the other side of the stream to the right, there seems to be a homestead site. Is it? It is not a terribly good location being deep in the ravine. I have often wondered about it. There are other homestead sites as well in Columbus, that are also unmarked. Anyone know anything about this particular site.

  8. Linda & Vern Peltomaa

    Unfortunately, Local Color will not be able to play the Paw Paw festival Sep. 21, we will be out of town. Keep Local Color in mind for other benefits.

  9. Hi. I tried an email but didn’t get a response. I’m on a tree commission here in Mt. Healthy , a small municipality just outside of Cincinnati proper. I’d like to know what your source is for trees at $15 each. Have been seeking a good and inexpensive source.

  10. Zebra Swallowtail

    you should post something about Btk spraying (and link to )

  11. My river birch was removed from my front yard last autumn. What are the criteria to qualify for a free tree?

  12. Is there going to be a 2016 Paw Paw festival in Clintonville?

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