Portal Park Clean-up

This past Saturday morning, May 14th, Sue Wightman led ten volunteers in sprucing up the plantings in the Welcome to Clintonville Park at the arboretum’s southwest corner, High and Arcadia. Dead plants were removed, others were pruned, many hostas were planted, and new petunias were placed in front of the park’s sign.

Sue and her volunteers have been instrumental in turning this park around and improving its look ever since the United Crestview Area Neighbors, the civic association north of Glen Echo Ravine, officially adopted the park five years ago by signing a maintenance agreement with the City of Columbus’ Department of Recreation and Parks.

Currently, Sue is working with both the Univeristy and Clintonville Area Commissions, as well as city government, to improve the seating, signage, and other hard scapes within the park.

Many area residents have come to know this area as the Portal Park because it is an entryway into both commission areas, as well as the arboretum and Glen Echo Ravine.

If you are interested in joining Sue and her volunteers in improving this park, please write her at Susannewightman@ymail.com


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