Earth Day Follow-up Work Session: May 21

We’ll be having another session in Glen Echo Ravine to remove invasive species, especially honeysuckle. We are now the proud owner (at least temporarily!) of a honeysuckle popper, guaranteed to remove honeysuckle in one “pop.” Pete’s not tried it, so we aren’t sure how it will work, although others who have used it say it does the trick.

The session will be from 9 AM – 1PM on Saturday, May 21, 2011. The area of the ravine where we will be working is located near the Indianola Bridge in between Cliffside Drive and Olentangy Street. You can park along Indianola or one of the side streets near the ravine. There is a stairway on the Northeast side of the bridge that leads down into the ravine. At the bottom of the stairs, head west (to your right), go under the bridge and follow the trail west through the cleared area. We will be working in the woods just beyond. If you have work gloves, please bring them. There is some poison ivy present so dress accordingly.

Please RSVP to 614.261.0092.

See you there!


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