Birds in our neighborhood

Today, I saw a mated pair of Cooper’s hawks flying above our house on Crestview. I think they have nested in the large oak tree down the street from us. We also have two pairs of finches (house finches, I think!) nesting in the ferns in hanging baskets on our porch. I call them Mama and Papa Finch. One nest has five light blue eggs in it; the other nest is just in the beginning stages of being built. Finches have been nesting in our ferns for about four years in a row. The finch’s song (at least the male’s) is so lovely to hear. I greet them whenever I walk out our front door; I think they might even recognize my voice. I can’t wait until the babies are hatched. Speaking of bird songs, I heard the elusive wood thrush in the ravine. The recording I placed in an earlier post doesn’t do the song justice. Very beautiful and haunting. I think hearing it in the ravine made it all the more beautiful. Pete says it’s his favorite bird call.

Finally, this week, I saw my first (and only) rose-breasted grosbeak. What an amazing bird. Unfortunately, this one had been hurt. I found him sitting in the middle of the road near OSU. I shooed him into an empty field as  he couldn’t fly; something appeared to be wrong with his wing, probably from flying into a wall of glass in one of the nearby buildings. Since I was on my way to a meeting and had nothing to catch him with, I called Pete, who wasn’t home. He came down later to look for the bird – no luck. I am hoping that he was well enough to fly on his own. But such a beautiful bird. The red feathers were so vivid; I could really see them as I was about two feet away. Pete said he used to see grosbeaks all the time in Connecticut. They are native to Ohio, but this is the first time that ever laid eyes on one. Quite the sight; I hope to see more! Until next time.


2 responses to “Birds in our neighborhood

  1. Jacqueline Pentz

    I just saw on in my yard at the bird bath. It is such a pretty bird. This is the first time I see one, must be male. Are they family of the humming bird, do I need to put the sugar water out?

  2. Jacqueline Pentz

    The bird I’m talking about is the Rose-breasted grosbeak

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