Christmas Hawk Part II

I had another encounter with a hawk, this time at Ohio State. I was walking down 12th Avenue when I saw a hawk go after a squirrel. Mr. Squirrel got away, although I do think the hawk winged him a bit. The squirrel made his getaway by jumping into a window well that had a grate on it. Mr. Hawk patiently waited on the ground for about one minute, just across the street from where I was standing. I’ve not seen one that close up – he was rather larger than I had expected but so beautiful. Well, I was about to get a much closer view. The hawk took off and flew right in front of me. I stopped short, and had I put out my arm, I could have touched him, he was that close when he went by. Amazing. (I thought about going back to see if the squirrel was okay, but realized that not knowing the answer to that might be best…)

Then our neighborhood hawk was back at it at the Bird Bush Deli across the street, looking for his dinner. The neighbor’s cat was in on the fun, hoping to get a stray bird or two.

Hope your New Year got off to an exciting start, too!

Until next time!


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