The Christmas Hawk

coopershawk A few years ago, when we went up to see my brother and sister-in-law in Michigan for Christmas, they told us about the hawk that was in their neighborhood, the one that MaryJo named Christmas. He liked to have a meal of the squirrels that came to Mike’s backyard – the very ones Mike was feeding peanuts to! (I know hawks need to eat, too, but it’s one thing when they are eating someone you’ve never met vs. someone you had eat a peanut from your hand…)

Anyhow, the hawk was very beautiful. We weren’t really sure what kind it was, and fortunately, it never managed to catch any prey while we were watching. You could tell it was in the area because immediately, all the birds and squirrels would hide.

I’ve been seeing a lot of a hawk lately There’s one that’s living near Ohio State and the South Oval. I think it’s a Cooper’s hawk. An absolutely stunning bird with a cream breast and dark speckles. It is incredible fast, too. Then today, Pete and I travelled to Springfield, and saw perhaps four more. Finally, a hawk flew down across our street into the neighbor’s privet bush that was full of chirping sparrows. Sure enough, the hawk caught one. All was quiet for a few minutes, then birds when flying everywhere, the hawk in full flight after one of them. All succeeded in getting away; it was a marvel at how quickly the hawk could change direction to follow the sparrow.

treeAs Pete said, “We’ve got wildlife in our neighborhood!”

We got our Christmas tree up (it only took me six hours to decorate!), and it looks lovely, if I do say so myself. I hope that all of your holidays are merry and bright, and that the new year is filled with joy, love and laughter – and wildlife!

Until next time!



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