A Helping Hand

My office at Ohio State is in what used to be Enarson Hall, now known as Hale Hall, on 12th Avenue. They have been working on the space where the old Hale Hall was located (right across the street), making the lot where the building stood into inviting green space.

Today, the first nine trees went in the ground. Not sure what kind of trees they are (the area is still fenced off to allow the grass time to root), but they are nice-sized. They used a backhoe and a tow motor to get the trees planted very quickly. I just kept thinking to myself how many trees we could have planted in LOUA if we had that kind of equipment! Here’s a picture of the trees going in.


I was reading in Sierra Magazine about the damage that pets can do to birds. I’ve blogged several times about cats and how bad they are for birds, killing between 1.4 and 3.7 million birds a year, not to mention all of the other small mammals they catch. But what I didn’t know is that dogs are as bad. They chase birds, tear up nesting sites, and exhaust them during migrations. Dogs have been responsible for killing half of a kiwi colony in New Zealand, and five dogs killed off Italy’s largest flamingo colony in one day. Even leashed dogs can reduce the number of bird species by 35 percent in parks and wooded areas.

That’s something I never knew. We just need to be mindful of our feathered friends when we are out with our four-footed ones!

Finally, this Friday, several members of LOUA are going to be out and about looking at the last of the trees planted, checking to see that all is well with them. This rainy weather has been hard on trick-or-treaters, but it’s been great for our trees!

Until next time!


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