That’s All, Folks – With an Irish Twist

sick-catSorry for not posting much lately. Both Pete and I have been sick with something or other. We’ve managed to muddle through work, coming home, sleeping until supper, eating, then resting some more. Pete planted trees on Saturday while I did not: he then spent most of Sunday under the covers with Seamus snuggled up close. Whatever we had made us both cough. It was a bit like yawning; Pete would cough, which somehow made me cough. We both feel like we’ve turned the corner to better health.

So this past Saturday, we planted the last of the trees for the season, about 100 more trees. (I use the term “we” very loosely, as I stayed home in bed.) Every street I walk or drive down in the Arboretum shows evidence of LOUA’s efforts, efforts that couldn’t happen without all of our volunteers – those that plant the trees, those that clean up after we’ve planted the trees, and those that allowed the trees to be planted, and those that care for the trees after they’ve gone into the ground. Honestly, we couldn’t do this alone, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

We also have the second sign for the kiosk. We originally had just one made, but we decided that we needed a sign on each side. Hopefully, that will be up soon, weather permitting. Thanks to Gerry Campbell for creating the sign for us.

Dublin botanical gardens - beautiful flowers in bloomFinally, Mike McLaughlin got an email from someone who is currently studying in the Botanic Gardens in Dublin Ireland.  He’s writing a paper on urban arboretums and found our site (He say it is great!). He is going to set up a urban arboretum in his village in Dublin where there are great trees some 300 years old. He just wanted some help in getting his own urban arboretum up and growing. I volunteered to travel to Ireland to give more advice personally! (Being half Irish, I’m eminently qualified!)

Who would have ever imagined?

Until next time!


One response to “That’s All, Folks – With an Irish Twist

  1. Hi all from Ireland. Thanks for all the advice Mike our little village in the hart of Dudlin has some great trees and I hope with the help ihave recived to set up a urban arboretum in the leafy suburbs of Sandymount Dublin 4.

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