A Blantant Request

I hope that all of you have had a wonderful first part to your holiday season. Pete, my mom and I went up to Saginaw, Michigan to visit my brother and sister-in-law. Tuesday night saw some snow coming down, about an inch. Great packing snow. So we managed a white day after Christmas…but on the way back to Ohio, via the turnpike, we went through some areas that had more snow. It was rather beautiful, with the snow on the trees and the sun shining on the branches. I wish I could have managed a picture, but I was the one driving and no-one else in the car could figure out how to work my iPhone….But it was an amazing scene, the kind that I really love to see during the winter.

I’ve always been rather fond of snow. I remember as a kid dressing up in snow pants (do they still make those?) and having so many layers on that my arms stuck out. We’d make snow angels and snow forts. One of the best things to do was to entice my brother under a snow-covered tree, then shake the branch, causing snow to come cascading down, hopefully sending some of the cold white stuff down Mike’s collar. So many uses for trees!

Now for the blatant request: As the year ends, I hope that you might consider a tax-deductible donation to our growing arboretum. We are constantly looking for additional funds through grants for some of the larger projects, but every single dollar makes a difference. While grant dollars help to pay for big ticket items such as trees, research studies, etc., smaller donations can help us renew our domain name, pay for our business name registration with the Ohio Secretary of State, and assist us with other incidental costs for expenditures required for an official organization. Currently these costs come out of our board members’ pockets; this might work for now, but won’t work well for the future!

Here’s hoping that the New Year brings you all the joy, peace and happiness that you deserve.

Until next time!


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