New Year, New Beginnings

It’s hard to believe this weather today. It feels more like the Ides of March than the middle of December. I know the robins are very appreciative of all the rain forcing worms out of the ground as lovely snacks. I must have seen seven or eight robins on my way to the car at work, all pulling at big, fat worms.

Speaking of work, Ohio State has planted over 20 trees on 17th Avenue between Neil and College. I ran into the landscape architect, who kindly introduced himself and whose name I promptly forgot…it’s hard growing old, but that’s another blog entirely! Anyway, I was trying my best to read the tag on one of the trees in front of Bricker Hall when this nice young man walked up. “It’s a hackberry,” he says.

“You’re kidding! My husband loves hackberry trees! They are native to Franklin County! He will be so pleased!” says me. And the rest of the trees that were being planted were white, red and burr oaks, and Kentucky coffee trees. It seemed a little late to have them going into the ground, but they are lovely, large trees as you can see by the photo (taken with my new i-phone!). I can’t wait to see how they do this spring. Ohio State has planted quite a few trees on the streets that they have worked on, which is wonderful to see. I mentioned our little arboretum, and hopefully, the nice young man has a better memory that I do, and can find our blog or Facebook page.

Well, presents are waiting to be wrapped, so I must make this short.

Until next time!


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