Stop, Children, What’s That Sound?

With the weather getting cooler in the mornings (Yea, no air conditioner running!), I’ve been able to walk to work again. Because of the Calumet bridge being closed, I’ve only got two routes to walk to OSU: High Street or Neil Avenue. Regardless of how I get to work, I take Olentangy Street along the ravine. A month ago, as I walked along Olentangy about a block east of High, I heard a bird song that I’ve never heard before. It’s a two-note call linked together, ending on the high note. I know it’s not a cardinal because it doesn’t sound the same. In fact, the call sounds like it wasn’t made by a bird at all but by a computer. It’s very hard to describe!

Well, I heard that bird again this week, this time a few houses from my home on Crestview. I spent a few futile minutes looking for the bird with no luck. Pete has no idea what the critter might be – mostly because I can’t reproduce the song very well, and he’s not heard it yet. So if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know!

Speaking of cardinals, I read some interesting research on those birds. I love my finches, chickadees and cardinals. We have a pair of cardinals in our yard. Such beautiful birds, and so well-known. Anyway, the research is co-authored by Professor Amanda D. Rodewald of Ohio State. She indicates that cardinals in urban forests don’t lose their bright red color as easily as their rural counterparts. Color is important because females look for brighter colored males who are seen as being more healthy. But in urban areas, it’s argued that the carotenoid-rich foods that give the cardinal its scarlet color are more readily available, even to birds that aren’t in the best of shape. I just know that I love to see cardinals. That pop of color is wonderful! I especially like seeing them against the snow in winter. Pete tells me that cardinals are resident birds that stay all year long, unlike migratory birds that are only passing through on their way to somewhere else; think Canada Geese.

If you’ve any thoughts on my mysterious bird, send me a comment.

Until next time!


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