Tree Map Mashup and Other Updates

As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, we’ve been working on a few maps for the Arboretum. One map is of the significant trees within the Arboretum. And since we now have the list of addresses from the City of Columbus of where trees can be planted, that, too, has been turned into a map. [Thanks, John!]  So, if you go to the Maps section of the blog, you can see John’s mashup of the maps of the significant trees along with the map of where trees can be planted by the city. Both are interactive with markers that can be clicked on for more information. Sample information for the significant trees would be:

City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Location: Front yard
Genus: Quercus
Species: alba
Common name: Oak, White (2)
Symbol: w
latitude: 40.024318

In this case, the symbol “w” stands for white oak; John’s included a legend to explain the various symbols for the types of trees

Sample information of the city’s addresses for tree planting is:

# oFront tree: 1
SideOn: Front
PlantingCode: PSLarge
Comments: OLD STUMP
MapPageNumber: 19 J-14
latitude: 40.022861

The Planting Code is the size of tree that can be planted.

Another change to the blog is I’ve added a roster of our Steering Committee. Our little group has grown by quite a bit, and I expect it will grow even more as we get additional partnerships going.

Until next time!


5 responses to “Tree Map Mashup and Other Updates

  1. I’m very excited to see trees to be planted near me soon. What happens when a tree is planned where there are those buried clay pipes that take gutter run-off to the street?

    • Dear Kristina,

      The city knows where the pipes are and will take that into consideration when planting a tree. Often, those pipes aren’t being used. We have one in our yard and it’s not being used at all. Is yours being used? Anyway, the city planted a tree in our tree lawn with no problem.

      If you need more information, please let me know!


      • Gosh, how I’d love a money tree ;)Three things I’d wish for right now are no more pain (recovering after dneatl surgery), better finances, and my house to magically not be quite so crap in all areas. Maybe I should go catch me a fairy or something.

  2. Ok. I just wondered. I think both my and my neighbor’s pipes are still in use, but there’s probably room elsewhere in the strip. The neighbor is the one scheduled to get the tree.

    Thanks for the info, Kim!

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