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APPs Festival :: 9.22.12 – Come Purchase Art, Plants and Pawpaws!

The First Annual LOUA APPs Festival
(That’s APP for: Art, Plants and Pawpaws!)
Featuring Local Art, Native Plants, and Pawpaws
Hosted by the Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum,
Scioto Gardens and the Ohio Pawpaw Growers Association
Saturday, September 22nd
9:00am to 3:00pm
Directly across the street from Indianola Informal K-8 School
251 East Weber Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43202

Here’s a link to the flier…pawpaw flier


Growin’ Green

This past Monday and Tuesday, I went on a trip with some Ohio faculty and staff. The Roads Scholars Tour is put on by the Office of Outreach and Engagement and features trips to several Ohio companies, museums and the like that have ties to Ohio State. I wasn’t all that keen on this trip but got very excited when I heard two of the destinations: the Molly Caren Agriculture Center and the Urban Arts Space in the old Lazarus building.

The Molly Caren Agriculture Center is located in London, Ohio; you can see it as you drive by on 70 East. Every time we went out to Springfield, my dad would mention that he donated some trees to the Center. I was so excited to actually get to the Center and look at the trees that Dad planted some 30 years ago. In speaking with the staff at the center, I was told that the trees were close to the stone for Molly Caren, who donated the land. And there was a pin oak, just like Dad said there would be. There were also several very large ash trees, so far untouched by the emerald ash borer. There is a belief that with the trees being so isolated, they might be spared. One can only hope. Anyway, it was very moving to me to see a tree that my dad has planted. Again, it’s all a legacy that will be here long after he is gone.

Then our final stop in the tour was at Ohio State’s Urban Arts Space in the old Lazarus building. The building is a green building, using a lot of the latest technology to save energy and natural resources. I had heard it also has a living roof. I couldn’t wait to see what that looked like. There are plenty of plant species up on the roof that can filter rain water into a holding tank with about a 90,000 gallon capacity. That water is used in the building and manages to cut down water usage about 80%. Pretty cool – check out the video below…

You all know how much I love things that hold rain water. The garden was almost (but not quite) as neat as my swales!

Also, Pete and I went out the Scioto Garden’s Gardening and Arts Festival on Saturday. What a treat it was! There was so much to see, so many vendors whose wares fit in so perfectly with the garden shop. So many plants, with many that are native. I ended up with some jewelry (for me and for presents!), a butterfly for my garden, and a beautiful wood bowl that is so gorgeous. There was also some great music, so Pete and I bought one CD while Sam, who went with us, bought another. All in all, a good time was had by all! We will most definitely be going back there next year.

Until next time!