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ALTernative Answers

On Friday night, Jason, Corinne, and Pete and I went to a presentation at Whetstone Library by Tim Lai and Eliza Ho, of Tim Lai ArchitecT and founders of the nonprofit organization ALTernative. The presentation described the power of design as a solution to a problem; how to use art to improve the community; and how education can help to create a better community.

One of the projects that Tim and Eliza worked on is the tree mural on Hudson near Summit. The building walls there were getting tagged, and the solution of a mural was presented. With community help, trees were painted on the wall. It’s really quite an accomplishment and looks very nice when I drive by – much better than graffiti! You can read more about the project on this FaceBook page.

The team hopes to expand the current tree mural by adding another mural on the building next door, showing what the inside of the building might look like, sort of trompe-l’œil with staircases and people walking on them. It’s really interesting to look at and something that one could look at for quite a while, seeing new things each time.

Another project in the works is a mural under the Indianola bridge in Glen Echo Ravine. This bridge has been tagged numerous times, costing Columbus money each time it has to be repainted. ALTternative has presented the idea of a bird mural with birds found in Ohio. There would also be an education element to the mural, with information about each bird presented. Additionally, there would be birdhouses throughout Glen Echo Ravine to provide a place for some of these birds to nest. That would be wonderful to increase the number of birds that call the ravine home!

Finally, Tim and Eliza are coming up with possible solutions for the many dining trucks around Columbus and the lack of seating for these diners. Simple solution of mobile seating, too!

Until next time!