What’s New in the Neighborhood

We’ve got solar panels in the Arboretum! And just up the street! I really would like to have these on our house. I think that all new construction should just automatically have energy efficiencies included.












We also had a few new visitors to our backyard, ones that are pretty rare in urban settings. The first was a Spring Azure. Pete said he used to see these in Connecticut in the 1970s. These butterflies are typically found near wooded areas, so to see one in our yard was pretty special. First one that we’ve seen ever in Ohio.





Finally, Pete saw a brown thrasher in our backyard. This was the second time he had seen one. Well, heard one would be more like it. Pete heard what he thought was a mockingbird. Then he saw the thrasher and heard its call and knew that’s what he had heard before. The birds are related so the calls are very similar. The fact that the bird saw our backyard as good habitat was really neat. We have lots of ground cover (leaves) and low bushes, which is what they like. One thing that worried us were neighborhood cats; the thrasher’s feeding and nesting habits make it vulnerable to predators.

Brown thrasher







Don’t forget LOUA’s Earth Day event:

Saturday, April 25, 2015
9-11am and 1-3pm

Click here to volunteer. Once you open the page, you’ll volunteer by clicking on the date in the box.

Until next time!


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