Spring Comes to the Earth (Day)


LOUA has the place, date and time set for Earth Day at Glen Echo West: Saturday, April 25, 2015, 9-11am and 1-3pm. Click here to volunteer. Once you open the page, you’ll volunteer by clicking on the date in the box.

Finally, Spring is here…sort of. We’ve seen a few signs of plant life in our yard: the snow trillium have bloomed as well as the poor hellebores, which looked as if someone had poured hot water on them. We were concerned about one that came from Pete’s Aunt Rose, but it is coming back. We didn’t want to lose that one, as it came from her yard after she died. It has come full circle, because we bought the plant in Columbus, took it to Connecticut, then brought it back to Ohio.

Also, the big news in Glen Echo was a sighting of an American Woodcock. Pete says they are not typically found in urban areas, and this sighting, according to John Finn (of the Glen Echo Bird Club), is the first time this bird has been sighted in Glen Echo Ravine. Of course, it was our own Mike Graziano who saw the bird.

American Woodcock


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