Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Last Saturday, LOUA had its Third Annual Pawpaw Festival. This event is always nerve-wracking for me; it’s like having a party at your home, and as the time for the party to start gets closer, you wonder if anyone is going to show up…And each year, I worry for nothing. We had seven vendors and a food truck, and everyone was very happy with how their sales went. And the people! So many people stopped by to buy things, including pawpaw fruit. I’ve never acquired a taste for pawpaw (and to be honest, I don’t like most fruit!), but apparently, it’s quite the thing!

I did enjoy Rambling House’s pawpaw soda…











Walhalla Pottery pottery (…











Pat Belisle’s garden sculptures (…








Little Bags (…








And Root Dub











And Mike Siculan, who brought his 1953 car along with his puppets (…

Mike Siculan Vintage Vehicle









And Taqueria Don Pedro 2 and their Mexican food truck (…

Food Truck









We also had Perennial Rye Band, who played bluegrass – and Zack Yocum, from the band, brought all the pawpaw fruit (…










And Larry Sterpka…

Larry Sterpka









Of course, we couldn’t do this festival without Scioto Gardens










and the Ohio Pawpaw Growers Association.










So much thanks to our co-sponsors, and all the vendors, and especially, to everyone who stopped by.

Until next time (and next year)!


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