Big Things Happening!

bridge_1Great news for Clintonville and the university areas! The Green Fund of the Columbus Foundation has awarded $17,000 to the Coalition United for Glen Echo Ravine (CUGER) for the purpose of hiring Benefactor to complete a feasibility study for connecting Glen Echo Park to the Olentangy River with a walking trail. This study should be completed by the end of September and will provide the coalition with the “road map” on how to fund the two components: trail building and land acquisition which includes the White Castle property on North High St. bordering the two communities. Click here to read the story about the grant in ThisWeek.

Huge thanks to the Foundation!

It is so amazing to me that we are now at this feasibility stage for a walking trail. This past weekend, Pete and I travelled to Kent, Ohio to have lunch with some relatives. We ate at the Pufferbelly Restaurant, which is in an old train station right next to the Cuyahoga River. The restaurant is the large building in the background of the photo below with the river and waterfall in the front.

Kent Ohio waterfall on Cuyahoga RiverWhile waiting for the rest of our party to arrive, Pete and I went in for a closer look because we saw this:

photo 2We were curious (and hopeful) that this might lead to some sort of trail along the river, something that might be similar to what we would love to see in Glen Echo. Well, it was!

river trail at Kent Ohio

Pete and I were so excited to walk around that my aunt texted to ask if we were lost. Anyway, can you imagine something like this in Glen Echo? Here’s a little video I took on the trail. I apologize that it’s not landscape, but the last time I tried to get a video on my iPhone, I held the phone the wrong way, and the video was upside down when I uploaded it. Couldn’t take a chance with this one!

There were plenty of people walking on the trail (we managed to avoid them during filming) including a family with several children. I also saw a great blue heron snag a sunfish. Such patience in sneaking up on the fish. And all in the middle of an urban area.

Until next time!


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