Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum/Green Columbus Earth Day Site

earth-day-tree-promotionWhen: Saturday, April 19th
First Shift: 9:00 AM – 12:00 Noon
Second Shift: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Where: Glen Echo Ravine West “The Walker Tract”

Directions: Our Clintonville service site is a wooded area just west of the Indianola Bridge that spans Glen Echo Ravine. The service site is visible from the bridge and is bordered to the north by the alleyway south of Olentangy St. The southern border of the site is the stream that runs through Glen Echo Ravine. You can park either along Indianola Ave. near the bridge or on Olentangy St. between Indianola and Medary. If you enter the ravine at the Indianola Ave. Bridge, there is a stairway on the Northeast side of the bridge that leads down into the ravine. At the bottom of the stairs, head west (to your right) and right after you pass beneath the bridge, be on the lookout for a trail on your right that passes through an open grassland and eventually enters the forested area where we will be working. If you plan to enter the service site via Olentangy St. alley, there is a path that enters the ravine about mid-way between the Parkview Condominiums and the Xenos School. There is a city park sign near the path’s entrance. If you have work gloves and/or shovels and/or bow saws, please bring them. There is some poison ivy present so dress accordingly.

Activities: Removal of invasive species, trash collection, tree & shrub planting.

The Walker Tract is a parcel of city parkland and part of Glen Echo ravine. The understory of this site was formerly choked with invasive plants. Work on clearing this area began on Earth Day in 2009. Since then significant progress has been achieved but more work needs to be done to finish what we started. We will be working in conjunction with Karl Hoessle, an Ecological Restoration Programmer from the city’s Recreation and Parks Department which means we will accomplish more than we would without his assistance. In addition to honeysuckle, the area still has a fair amount of privet, burning bush, creeping euonymus, and garlic mustard that needs to be removed. We should also have some small trees and shrubs to plant in the areas where the invasive plants have been cleared.

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