‘Tis the Season

Is anyone else feeling this crazy weather? Last Thursday, I was perusing my closet, trying to figure out the appropriate clothing for a 64 degree morning followed by a 34 degree afternoon with snow! And we haven’t even left fall yet – winter doesn’t start until December 21st. But I do like snow – everything looks so beautiful.

This past week has been busy decorating the house and tree for the holidays. I’m always on the lookout for more World War II paper cap ornaments, but they are getting harder to find; Pete kids me that I’ve managed to buy every one in Central Ohio and Michigan. This year’s tree trimming was especially poignant as it was December 7th, and I was decorating with ornaments that were made during the Second World War, with “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” playing on the stereo, a song that was released in October, 1943. Here’s the end result.

045 044For others who will have a tree in their home, you can check out this previous post on how to keep your tree fresh. (Notice from last year’s photo that the trim still isn’t up around the dining room windows!)

The building where I work at Ohio State, Hale Hall, is located right next to the South Oval. For the past year or so, the Oval has been fenced off while they did some work to create a geothermal area. Well, it’s finally done – actually has been done for quite some time – but OSU took the fences down. They put up a nice sign that explains what they’ve done.


If I understand the sign correctly, this is what is heating my building. Pretty cool!

Until next time!


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