LOUA Ambassador!

I was talking to my mom last night, our usual Sunday night conversation. We’ve been talking on Sunday nights since I left for college in the 1980s – I couldn’t make long distance phone calls from my dorm room, so we had to set a time when I would be in the room, and she could call. We picked Sunday nights and have been talking nearly every Sunday night since.

Anyway, we were talking about this and that when Mom told me that she had been asked about LOUA. Now my mom lives in Louisville, Ohio, about two hours north of Columbus, close to Akron, so I was a bit puzzled as to why someone would be asking her about our Arboretum. Apparently, my mom was wearing her LOUA t-shirt (given only to those who are members of LOUA!) when she went off to buy her strawberries in town. Some man saw the shirt and asked my mom what and where was LOUA. I must admit, I was a little worried about what Mom would be able to tell anyone about LOUA. But I should have never doubted her. She told him where LOUA was located (Clintonville) and that we were planting trees native to Franklin county. And if that wasn’t enough, Mom also informed the man that LOUA was removing invasive plants. Anyway, this guy was pretty impressed with what we were doing, adding that we should plant maple trees for syrup. Thankfully, Pete says sugar maples are okay in the ravine!

So word of our little Arboretum is spreading by word of mouth! And if you’d like to become a member and get a cool t-shirt like my mom’s (and be asked about LOUA wherever you go), click here.

Finch Update
Well, the first three house finch eggs didn’t make it. I checked on them after not seeing Mama Finch around the nest in the morning. Two eggs were cracked in the nest and the third was still intact. Pete thinks that the sparrows got to the nest. I am just so sad.

On a higher note, the blue-winged warbler is still around, which Pete believes is a sign that the bird is nesting. Not that I would recognize one, but I’ll keep an eye out for baby warblers!

Until next time!


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