What a Difference Four Hours Makes

Well, Pete and I, along with my mom, just came back from Saginaw, Michigan and a visit with my brother, sister-in-law and their new dog, Winston. Other than gaining 20 pounds from all the food my brother cooked for us, we had a great time.

We travel up 23 North through Toledo. The trip up was rainy but very interesting. It’s a lot more flat there because the glacier came down and leveled the land. I have an app on my iPhone that shows the weather radar, so I could track the rain. The cells were very spotty, and we could see a thunderstorm a mile or two away where rain was just pouring down while we were dry…for the moment.

We took up some peonies and roses from our garden for MaryJo. She was so surprised that we had flowers because hers aren’t even close to opening. I always forget what a difference four hours can make! Pete says he likes going up north because it’s like he gets Spring all over again. The red buds were just ending, and the roses were barely pushing out of the ground.

We came back to find many of our flowers past. And the finches, who I had thought gave up on their nest, busy creating something that looked like an eagle could nest in it. One of the twigs was about the diameter of a pencil. How those little birds got it wedged into the Boston fern, I’ll never know. I’m not sure if they are finished with the nest as I don’t see too much activity around it although Mama and Papa Finch are always on the telephone line outside, singing. I don’t care that they aren’t native – they are one of my favorite birds! (Update – there are three blue eggs in the nest. Fingers crossed they make it.)

Also, we worked this morning on tree care. With the higher temperatures and lack of soaking rains, our trees are in need of some TCL. If you see a newly planted tree nearby, please keep an eye on it. Let us know if LOUA needs to step in to assure a healthy tree that survives!

Until next time!


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