A Story of Some Trees

Today’s planting finishes off the last of the understory trees that were planted in the Arboretum this year. By my count, it’s been over 100 trees plopped into the ground. I am so amazed at the appreciative comments we’ve received when planting the trees. This morning was especially great with one homeowner bringing us a freshly made pot of coffee! Two others came out to just say thanks. Although we love to hear that word, we love that they want our beautiful trees in their yards.

Here’s what we planted this spring – there will be a riot of blooms next spring!

Pagoda dogwood

Paw paw


Hop hornbeam



A special thanks to everyone who gave up several hours each weekend for the last month to help out: with planting, with placing trees and mulch, and with picking up dirt. Thank you.

And speaking of spring, look what sprung up in our front garden. A lady slipper orchid. So beautiful!


Until next time!



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