Spring Has Sprung!

I’ve always wondered about where the phrase, “Spring has sprung!” came from. After the last week, I think I know. I had despaired that any of the spring flowers in our yard would ever show up. It’s amazing what a little sun, some rain and warm temperatures can do! Plants that looked absolutely dead a week ago are green and thriving, throwing up shoots and flowers. So I just want to share a few photos of some of what’s going on in our yard.Spring has sprung indeed!

blood root

Blood root

Dutchman's breeches

Dutchman’s breeches

jacobs ladder

Jacob’s ladder


Nearly invisible maidenhair ferns

flowers 2

cut-leaved toothwort

prairie smoke

prairie smoke

species tulips

species tulips

trout lily

trout lily

witch hazel

witch hazel

front yard flowers

large bell wort




Spring flowers

native azalea



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