Oh, the weather outside…

Is anyone else having difficulties with this up and down weather? Two weeks ago, I was outside in just a sweatshirt and last week, I couldn’t get warm for anything. Thanks goodness for long johns, warm kitties and extra blankets! Later this week, it’s supposed to get up to nearly 60 degrees, then back into the 20s. I’m not quite sure what to make of it. Grey_squirrel_in_snowIt’s rather like seeing Mouse and Ciara on my lap at the same time with no hissing. I simply sit there in disbelief, not wanting to move and break the spell! And with the cold and snow, we’ve been very diligent about feeding the birds. Pete said that one of the sparrows that came to our feeder was a native one. It really was very pretty with its stripes on its chest. He’s not certain what kind it is, but he will keep the bird book handy to try and identify it. And Mama Cardinal came back; I hadn’t seen her for a while and was worried. And I finally bought some peanuts so that I can become a squirrel whisperer like my brother, Mike. Right now, mostly the squirrels see me coming and run away as quickly as they can. But there is one little guy who seems a bit more adventuresome who stayed nearby when I put out some of the peanuts. We’ll see how it goes!

The deep freeze has also been playing havoc with my hellebores that have started to bloom, including one that has never bloomed before. I never really think of them as a plant that needs protecting from the cold (they do flower in January!), but I think they have a limit on how cold they like it. It anyone has any tips, please let me know. The plants seem rather droopy right now in the snow, and I wonder that I should have covered them during this cold spell. And Jack Frost has tiptoed through the tulips, who had been poking out little green shoots. I fear for their safety under all of this snow!

Until next time!


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