A Little Thanks

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, it’s the time of year when I sit down and mentally think of all of the things that I am thankful for. The list is usually the same (friends, family, good health), but I think  it’s important to take the time (at least for me!) to remind myself of the many things I have in my life that bring me joy.

I am, as always, thankful for my husband, Pete, and the rest of my family in all of its shapes and forms. We just finished settling my father’s estate, so I am extremely thankful that my brother, Michael, was there to handle all of the legal details. I know I would have been lost without him. I am thankful that I have a mom who loves me just as I am and is always there to offer advice.

I am thankful for all of my friends, for their support and love, and the joy that they bring to me each day. You are all such an important part of who I am.

I am thankful that I have four wonderful “babies” in my life. My cats are a part of my family, and the unconditional love they give me is priceless. (And I’m thankful that I have friends and family who understand that!)

Finally, I am thankful for LOUA and all that it has accomplished in the last year. I never fail to be amazed that at what started as a little seed as grown into a wonderful arboretum. The word about our project as started to spread. It’s just so amazing. I know that as I walk around the neighborhood and see each of the trees that were planted with such love, they, too, have become like children in the sense that I worry about them thriving and growing strong. And I am truly thankful for all of the help and assistance that LOUA has received from so many groups, students, and community members that there are simply too many to mention them all: but a special thank you to FLOW and FOR and the OSU students and others who came with willing hands to plant so many trees. And, of course, to the City of Columbus and the Columbus Foundation. If I’ve left anyone off, I do apologize. Now I know how people accepting awards feel about making sure they don’t leave anyone off their list to thank!

Until next time!


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