Trees and Memories

This past Saturday LOUA again planted about 60 trees in the smaller tree lawns. I helped with two trees up off of Cliffside Drive, a dogwood and hop tree. We had such strong support from the person in one house who just happened to come outside. He really appreciated the fact that we were planting these trees. And also thanks to Julie Smiley and her two boys for their help. Julie did a great job in placement of the trees to best highlight the existing landscape of the properties. And again, a huge thanks to Laura for getting the OSU students to help out. From zero to hero in a second!! We couldn’t have managed without those students. And finally, a big thanks to Mike for organizing the whole process so that it went smoothly. There’s a lot of work behind the work, and most often, Mike’s the guy making it happen.

Also last week, Pete had the fun task of taking the 3rd graders from Indianola Informal School on one of  LOUA’s tree walks. Pete said he was so impressed with the level of knowledge that these students exhibited. They learned about the characteristics of a certain tree and were able to take those characteristics to identify trees. That’s a lot more than I can do!

Trust me, having known Pete for as long as I have, saying he is impressed by someone’s scientific knowledge is high praise indeed.

Finally, I want to dedicate to my dad all the trees that were planted on Saturday. He would have appreciated that so much.

Larry R. Summers
December 1, 1930 – October 11, 2012

Until next time.


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