LOUA APPs Festival :: 9.22.2012

Sorry for the lack of posts. Pete and I were up in Connecticut and Cape Cod, Massachusetts  for a much-needed vacation. We went whale watching in Provincetown, MA (thanks Ellen!), and saw several humpback whales and minke whales. One that only I saw looked like it was out of a Pacific Life commercial, with the humpback whale coming straight out of the water, dropping back down with a huge splash.

The first day at the Cape Cod National Seashore, a storm rolled in, providing us with some amazing photos.

The East Coast was quite a contrast to Ohio as those states haven’t had a drought like we are experiencing. Everything was very verdant and lush there.

But back to our upcoming Pawpaw Festival! Pawpaws are a native tree that produces Ohio’s only temperate tropical fruit. NPR had a story on the tree along with a great video. (Sorry, but I couldn’t embed the video into this blog for love nor money!) I’ve had the fruit raw as well as made into jam as it’s quite popular in Florida. It’s very tasty!

The First Annual LOUA APPs Festival
(that’s APP for: Art, Plants and Pawpaws!)
Featuring local art, native plants and pawpaws
Hosted by LOUA and Scioto Gardens

Saturday, September 22, 9am – 3pm
In the lot across from the Indianola Informal K-8 School
251 Weber Road, Columbus, Ohio 43202

If you are interested in showing your artwork at the festival, please give me a shout out at this blog!

Until next time!


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