Arboretum Tree Walks

As I mentioned in my last post, there are now maps for the two walks on the Arboretum: the Indianola (a shorter walk) and the Glen Echo (a longer walk). These maps can be found in the brochure boxes on the kiosk. Since the tree markers that we ordered haven’t come in yet, I wanted to let you know what to look for to identify each tree on the walks:

These are the temporary markers that are in front of the tree that is described in the tree walk. The number on the tag matches the number on the map. The real markers that we are waiting on will contain a lot more information about the tree itself: common name, scientific name, etc.

So until those come in, we will be using these little lovelies, all hand-created by me! They aren’t too hard to miss at about 10 inches. You can see below about how tall they are.

When you take either of these walks, please send me a comment. We want the walks to be enjoyable, and should there be anything that we can do to make them better, we’d appreciate any suggestions!

Until next time!


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