Help Us Get Trees!

The Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum (LOUA) is pleased to announce that they are a recipient of the Chase 200Columbus Neighborhood Grant whose supporters include Chase, 200Columbus, and the Greater Columbus Arts Council.  The grant request was for approximately 7.5k; however, the award amount is approximately 4.5k.  Therefore, LOUA is now accepting tax-deductible donations via its website to make up the difference.  Those individuals, organizations, or businesses that are interested in helping can click HERE before May 31st to get to the “How to Help” menu tab to make a gift.

The LOUA Chase 200Columbus Neighborhood Grant is a collaboration of three organizations; LOUA, Friends of the Ravines (FOR), and ALTernatives (ALTernative).  The current 3k shortfall in funding is being evenly split between the three organizations; similarly, all donations received between now and May 31st will also be evenly split unless the donor specifically earmarks his/her/its funds towards a particular project.

LOUA’s portion of the grant is to have native Franklin County saplings available at half price to the first 50 LOUA residents that sign up to purchase one.  With the reduction in funding, LOUA might have to reduce the number of trees that will be available for purchase.

FOR’s portion of the grant is to have a combined birthday party celebrating Columbus’ Bicentennial and Glen Echo Park’s centennial which is scheduled for July 14th.  FOR representative Martha Buckalew said

“The July 14th event is not only to honor of the city’s 200th and Glen Echo Park’s 100th, but it is also a tribute to the spirit of community and volunteerism that has contributed to the preservation of this special urban woodland.”

The third portion of the grant is a native bird mural for the underside of the Indianola Avenue bridge that spans Glen Echo Ravine.  Eliza Ho of ALTernatives (ALTernative) said “We’re spreading the word within and beyond the neighborhoods through our website and Facebook  Also in May we’ll launch a kickstarter campaign to raise the remaining funding. People love both the aesthetic and educational functions of the bird mural, which is going to be a great amenity added to the Park.”

“The 3k funding deficiency has already been reduced by $500 because of the generosity of the Tuttle Park Community Recreational Center” said Mike McLaughlin, LOUA President.  He added that the Center requested its donation be earmarked for planting a large native commemorative tree in Glen Echo Park which is part of the FOR birthday celebration, but was in danger of being eliminated when the lower grant award was announced.

In other LOUA news, the steering committee officially formed its board by electing officers at its last meeting.  Mike McLaughlin of United Crestview Area Neighbors (UCAN) was elected President, Peter Kovarik of UCAN was elected Vice-president, Laura Fay of Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (FLOW) was elected Secretary, and Jason Advani of UCAN was elected Treasurer.  Also, three board members-at-large were elected; Scott Conover (UCAN), Kristina Emick (UCAN), and McKenzie Wilhelm (OSU).  In addition, supporting partner organization board members were approved; Martha Buckalew (FOR), Laura Fay (FLOW), and Ryan Pilewski (Franklin County Soil and Water Conservation District).

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