Bird Sightings and Other Things

There were two sightings of some rather rare birds in Clintonville. Pete told me that a pileated woodpecker was spotted in Glen Echo Ravine by Tom Kessel. Apparently, this bird isn’t very common in urban areas, so this is quite the event. Also, I think I saw an eagle in Clintonville. At first I thought I had to be seeing things as this bird was huge compared to the red tailed hawk next to it. But the feathers covering the eagle’s legs were very prominent. After doing a search on the Internet, I found a site for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources that indicated eagles were nesting in Central Ohio. So it’s possible that I did see an eagle sitting on a telephone pole on High Street just north of East North Broadway…Amazing! But to be honest, in looking at pictures, I don’t know what it was I saw. Has anyone else seen an eagle in Clintonville? Please let me know if you have.

Eagles are just beautiful birds. When I was in Connecticut, I saw an bald eagle flying below me, we were so high up. I learned (in not a nice way!) that I am extremely scared of heights. I could barely look out over the edge as Pete exclaimed that I needed to get much closer to best see the bird. I preferred to stay several yards away from the edge, which even that seemed too close! I’ve also seen an eagle up north on State Route 23 in Delaware County.

The latest clean-up in Glen Echo last week brought us about ten volunteers. Efforts were concentrated on removing honeysuckle from the walking tract and an alley off of Medary; the chipper truck was completely filled. Then on October 29th, Mike McLaughlin and Pete helped out at another FLOW honeysuckle removal event at Clinton-Como Park. The Columbus Dispatch was there to take it all in. Pete said they discovered a hop tree (Ptelea trifoliata), the host of the giant swallowtail, that was completely covered by honeysuckle.

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4 responses to “Bird Sightings and Other Things

  1. Every now and again I have seen the Peregrines from downtown hunting along the rail road tracks…saw one flying North >> South…It would just barely clear the tops of the houses then drop down toward the streets..then up, up over the next house…really cool…I think they have a webcame of the breeding pair thats up on the Leveck Tower….

    • I wonder if that’s what I saw – all I know is that it was so much larger than the pair of hawks we have down the street!

  2. I live near Webster Park and N. High St and thought that I saw young bald eagle fly low over my yard in the early fall. It’s head was brown though. After doing some research online I found that bald eagles when they are young do not have the characteristic white head. Like you, I began to doubt myself too and not sure what I saw but it was bigger than any bird I’ve seen around here before. Did the bald eagle that you thought you saw have a brown head?

    • Yes, it did have a brown head. The characteristic that I recall most was the very feathery legs and that it was so much larger than anything I’d seen around. In other bird news, We’ve caught wind of some barred owls nearby and hope to have pictures this week.

      Thanks so much for the comment!

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