Fall Color

We had another great planting on Saturday. One more this Saturday, and we are done! Again, we will be meeting at the Indianola Normal School at 9 AM on Saturday, October 15.

This Saturday was the first chance I had to participate in the tree planting. The previous Saturday, my mom came down, and with the weather as awful as it was, I didn’t want Mom being outside in the cold and damp. But this past planting, I was able to see first-hand all the planning that went into getting the trees in the ground. So my hats off to Mike McLaughlin for all of his hard work and also to Laura Fey for all of the OSU students she found us to volunteer.

So after planting our group’s trees, I went out to see all the other handiwork around the neighborhood. Since the day was so gorgeous, I took some photos of the fall colors as well. So here are some pictures of the glorious trees in the Arboretum.

This one is a scarlet oak.

And this is a blackgum.

Both of these types of trees were planted in the Arboretum, adding habitat for birds and fall color for us!

Until next time!


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