Ravine Clean-up Update and Other Things

I just wanted to let everyone know how the ravine clean-up last Saturday went. I could only stay for about an hour as my allergies would get the best of me had I stayed longer. As it was, I was very stuffy all of Sunday!

Anyway, the day went better than expected as far as the amount of invasives that were removed.I wasn’t surprised on the number of people who showed up to volunteer. A big thanks to everyone who turned out: members of Friends of the Ravine, Lower Olentangy Urban Arboretum, interested neighbors, Boy Scouts, too many groups to name them all. And a really big shout out to Carl and Tyrone from the City of Columbus. They brought a huge chipper and a chainsaw that made short work of all of the honeysuckle. Carl then went back to paint all the stumps with herbicide so they wouldn’t grow back. Pete took me to see the part of the work that was done at the western edge of the ravine by the Xenos School. Unbelievable. What had once been a forest of invasive honeysuckle was now clear, the way it was meant to be. The squirrels were wondering around, looking as if they didn’t recognize their home anymore. I don’t blame them – the change was nothing short of miraculous!

It was finally nice enough today for me to walk to work again, although I doubt I’ll be able to do so for the rest of the week. As I walked, I found a beautiful cardinal feather, such a vibrant red. It seems odd to me that with all the birds flying about, there wouldn’t be more feathers! I did miss walking through the Oval and the trees, but my walking route doesn’t take me that far.

When I came home, Pete had planted our Swamp Oak in the backyard. We’ll be certain to keep it well watered this week with the high temperatures. It’s such a lovely tree, with its bi-colored leaves. The undersides are a beautiful silver color and the tops are a dark, verdant green. As we stood admiring it, a female hummingbird came to sit on the clothesline, just a few feet from where we were standing. I’ve named her Hannah. The funniest thing to hear is the squeaking noise she makes as she moves around. Hannah is very inquisitive and very territorial. Should another hummingbird enter her territory, she’s off in a blur to chase it away. I guess she doesn’t want anyone else sipping from the jewel weed, pineapple sage or other bright red flowers we have in the yard. Such a tiny little bundle of fierceness!

Until next time!


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