Arboretum Work Update

Things are progressing on getting trees planted within the Arboretum. The City of Columbus has completed its work of  identifying the locations where trees can be planted within the Arboretum boundaries. The trees on this list will be of mixed sizes, including canopy, medium, and small trees. Homeowners who do not opt out of having a tree should see trees planted this fall.

We are also working on the finishing touches for our brochure. This is such an important piece because it will represent what we do and inform so many people. Our group is very excited to see the final product. Much thanks to John Kyrgier  for all of his work on designing the brochure!

And finally, we have made a decision on tree markers for the significant trees that will be highlighted on the walking tours within the Arboretum. We’ve decided on flat native (indigenous?) rocks – no non-native rocks for this group! – that will be spray painted with pertinent information about each tree. We’re still deciding how much information will be on these rocks, but at the least, there will be a number that corresponds with the same number on a map. The map will contain information about the tree itself. Once I get a design, I’ll be certain to post it up on the blog.

As I said, it is really exciting to see something that was just a dream become reality. This will be a lasting legacy for Clintonville, something that will bring joy for generations to come.

Stay cool…Until next time!


One response to “Arboretum Work Update

  1. This is great! I can’t wait until we have more trees!

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