Baby Finch Update

Well, it hasn’t gone very well for our nesting house finches. The second nest built by the first pair was also destroyed by a bird, perhaps a cowbird. The nest was moved and Mama Finch didn’t come back. There was one baby that had hatched and left all alone. Having no idea what to do with the little guy, I ended up doing nothing. I was afraid to feed him for fear of giving him something that would kill him. But I knew that if I didn’t feed him, he’d most likely die. I thought I could get him to the Ohio Wildlife Center if he made it through the night. Poor little lamb didn’t.

But there was another egg that had partially opened with the chick still inside; he was moving inside the egg, which was cracked and open. With the help of two special friends, Dan and Mike, the nest with its one remaining baby made it up to Ohio Wildlife Center. Last we heard, the little guy was taking nourishment. I am hopeful that he’s going to make it. They are pretty wonderful up at the center, taking in the baby rabbits and birds that we’ve found. It’s nice to know there is someplace to take injured and sick wildlife. And it’s also nice to know there are people out there who wouldn’t bat an eyelash at saving an unhatched egg – thanks just doesn’t seem to be enough.

The second pair’s nest was also destroyed with no sight of the eggs or babies. I know that these things happen in nature, but it is very sad to me; I feel like these finches are part of our family, a part that I want to protect.

Until next time.


3 responses to “Baby Finch Update

  1. Found one of the lovely finch eggs, broken, in our yard. Thought it might have fallen out of the big oak nearby, but the “break” was suspicious looking: a hole pecked into the side of the egg. Good luck to the little guy you saved!

  2. Thanks – I am keeping my fingers crossed that he makes it. If we find out what’s going on with the finch nests, I’ll post it.

    Sorry about your little egg, too.

    • – Wow, these are so great! I really love the shots of the brhetor and sis together. They actually look like they can stand each other:) And how on earth can that be their mom? She does not look old enough to have two kids that age! Really nice job on these, I’m sure they are going to love them!

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