Wood Thrush in Glen Echo

Pete mentioned that he has heard a wood thrush in Glen Echo Ravine, although he’s not been able to actually see it. It’s a very beautiful bird, one of the most common woodland birds of the East. The Wood Thrush is best known for its hauntingly beautiful song. A large and heavily spotted thrush, it is a bird of the interior forest, seldom seen outside the deep woods. We are heading down to the ravine this weekend (if it’s not raining!) to have a listen.

We want to have a survey done of birds that are in the ravine now and in a few months, so that we can see how our removing invasive species and adding native species will affect the birds that visit. Having a wood thrush is a good sign that things in the ravine are heading in the right direction.

Pete has also spent a lot of time looking for a Chinquapin Oak (Quercus muehlenbergii) that’s somewhere in the ravine as well (perhaps with a wood thrush sitting in its branches?) He’s managed to find the leaves but not tree.

If you see the bird or find the oak, let us know!

Until next time!


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