The Arboretum brochure

I’ve been trying to write something for our new brochure for the Arboretum. I’m feeling rather like I’m back in college, staring at a blank piece of paper, asking for a Muse, any Muse, to visit me. It’s not that my topic isn’t something easy to write about, I just am struggling on how to begin. I’ve always written my papers backwards, knowing how I wanted them to end; it’s the beginning that always give me pause. Or perhaps it’s just a case of spring fever taking me away from my task: our daffodils, irises (Siberian), and some small plant (whose name I’ve forgotten) that looks like a miniature hyacinth have started to bloom.  I even saw a few buds on my rosebush. So spring is just around the corner, despite my mom calling to tell me she has over six inches of snow on the ground.

Well, I’m back at taking a stab at the brochure – wish me luck!


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