Update: More on How to Help Glen Echo Ravine

Geln echo 2

To help us oppose the zoning request discussed in the previous blog post please contact your City Council Member as soon as possible indicating your opposition to the zoning change for 2725 North High St., the old White Castle location built on Glen Echo Ravine and Run.

The rezoning application is being heard by both the Clintonville Area Commission and the University Area Commission as the property in question crosses the boundary between the districts – it is literally on top of the Ravine and Run. The CAC and UAC will send their recommendation to the Development Commission which makes a final recommendation to City Council Members who will decide on the request for a zoning change.

If you are taking time to write to the Clintonville commissioners, copy all the councilmembers too; its never to soon to write them.

Contact your council member – indeed all of them – through their aids:

Andrew J. Ginther
Legislative Aide: Kenneth Paul
Email: kcpaul@columbus.gov (614) 645-2931

A. Troy Miller
Legislative Aide: Jeanette Hawkins
Email: jdhawkins@columbus.gov (614) 645-2013

Hearcel F. Craig
Legislative Aide: Sherry Martin
Email: simartin@columbus.gov (614) 645-8538

Zachary M. Klein
Legislative Aide: Gretchen James
mail: gdjames@columbus.gov (614) 645-5346

Michelle M. Mills
Interm Legislative Aide: Annie Marsico
Email: aemarsico@columbus.gov (614) 645-5344

Eileen Y. Paley  
Legislative Aide: Nancy Sully
Email: npsully@columbus.gov (614) 645-2010

Priscilla R. Tyson
Legislative Aide: Carl Williams
Email: cgwilliams@columbus.gov (614) 645-2933


2 responses to “Update: More on How to Help Glen Echo Ravine

  1. This is an environmental hotspot. It was one of the places predicted to go in the next significant flood, which has not happened since 1959 and to take part of N. High Street with it.

    It would be nice for someone to come up with an environmental plan, that makes it look better than it does now.

    There is some kind of tree growing thru a hollow sycamore tree, if I recall correctly

  2. Please remove me from email list for now as I’m unable to pursue commitment to the tree issues at this time.


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