Please Help Save Our Ravine

Glen Echo

A primary reason for the existence of LOUA and its volunteer efforts is the proximity of two forested ravines. These persistent geological features were formed thousands of years ago and are both beautiful and functional and home to many species of plants and animals. As of last evening, one of these areas, Glen Echo Ravine faces a new threat. The Clintonville Area Commission Zoning and Variance committee approved an application by the Goo Goo Car Wash company to occupy the parcel of land owned by the White Castle Corporation, located at the intersection of Arcadia and High Street at the entrance to Clintonville.

This lot is currently free of any structures and sits on a commercial strip of landfill that once was a part of Glen Echo Ravine. The parcel is currently commercially zoned (C-4), but not zoned for a business such as a car wash.  Members of our steering committee are opposed to a car wash occupying this site for a number of reasons. First of all, this C-5 business runs counter to the Clintonville Neighborhood Plan, which explicitly calls for preservation and restoration of the ravines. Too many impervious surfaces currently abut Glen Echo Ravine, and a car wash with lots of impervious pavement will continue to contribute large amounts of storm water runoff at a critical point of Glen Echo Ravine. A car wash would be especially harmful, as the runoff would likely contains hydrocarbons (known carcinogens) and other forms of pollution.

This is in direct contrast to the current plans of The City of Columbus to reduce storm water runoff and pollutants by increasing green space and infiltration. LOUA has another vision for this property sitting atop Glen Echo. We would someday like to see Glen Echo Ravine a prominent feature on High Street, as it once was when a simple bridge ran over it. This would ultimately involve removing the landfill in order to restore the stream currently routed underground through a culvert. Once the channel is cleared of debris, the slopes could be planted with native trees.

We have begun the process of seeking grant funding and private donations in order to accomplish these tasks. The completed project is intended to attract visitors and beautify the primary commercial corridor in Clintonville. This park will be also be an access point for a planned walking trail that would connect Glen Echo Park with the bike trail on the Olentangy River which is called for in the Neighborhood Plan for Clintonville. Such a trail would give our children a place to explore, get exercise, and learn about nature. A restored, uninterrupted, and forested corridor would also facilitate the movement of wildlife from the riverine forests bordering the Olentangy River to Glen Echo Park.

The Clintonville Area Commission is meeting on Thursday, November 7, 2013 at 7pm in the Whetstone Library meeting room. If you are opposed to the car wash, please contact your Clintonville Area commissioner and let them know your feelings before then.

Contact information for area commissioners can be obtained at the following link:

Geln echo 2


15 responses to “Please Help Save Our Ravine

  1. Not to mention to mention the locally-owned, self-serve competition no more than 4 blocks north on the same side of the street. Fuck that, stay out.

  2. Hiding green space from our visitors is not inviting. Showcasing this green space is inviting. The current culvert and cement surroundings block the view and gives our area a distasteful cold appeal.

  3. forget a car wash,put a strip club there

  4. There is another car wash right up the street….No need to add soapy water to the creek!

  5. Robinson, Heather

    Is the property still owned by White Castle (and leased to the car wash owner)?

    Heather B. Robinson
    Assistant Prosecuting Attorney
    Director, Environmental Crimes Unit
    Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
    373 South High Street, 15th Floor
    Columbus, Ohio 43215
    (614) 525-3520
    (614) 525-6012 facsimile

  6. Don’t give up on fighting for this! Stay organized. A peace group I worked with in Long Beach stopped a huge development that would have compromised a substantial wetland. You may feel small but your voice is powerful. Don’t let money talk! Prayers for all in this fight to save the earth. Things need to change.

  7. But there are just so many north campus and south Clintonville residents with filthy cars and nowhere to wash them!

  8. I think the car wash would make money and pay taxes, and somebody should go to the trouble to find them a better spot in Cliontonville.

    This place was determined to be one of those environmental hotspots, that would be done in in the next flood year (which has not happened since 59 and indeed might never happen again) and to take a good part of N High Street with it.


  9. There was a bridge there until – I do not remember the date, just that there was a bridge there. Wherever there were bridges and now underground tunnels, those are problem areas. Talking from a liberal arts point of view


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  11. Jon_the_Revelator

    This is too valuable of a location for a pocket park. I like the idea of offering more green spaces opposed to another drive thru but it will not happen.

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