Help Protect Our Bird Friends

I know I’ve blogged about this in the past, but please, if you have a cat that you let outside, please take precautions to help keep our birds safe. Each year, cats kill an amazingly high number of birds and other animals. It breaks my heart because I love cats and I love birds, but they don’t mix. Pete and I have worked so hard to make our yard a place that invites birds in; to have our space become not safe for birds is so difficult for us.

robinWe have a wounded robin in our next door neighbor’s yard. That’s bad enough, but it’s a nesting robin, and we haven’t seen any evidence of activity near the nest from the other parent. So it appears that if the one bird dies, the babies are in jeopardy, too. Our neighbor and Pete will take the bird to the Ohio Wildlife Center tomorrow morning as soon as they open, hoping that it will make it through the night. So often, the injuries to birds attacked by cats are internal with nothing to be done.

You can read this post if you are looking for ways to protect the birds.

Until next time.



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