Blue-Winged Warbler?

Pete has been hearing a bird in our neighborhood for the last several days. I finally got to see the little guy, sitting in the silver maple across the street. What a beautiful creature! All yellow with dark wings. Of course, the lovely crooner wouldn’t turn around so we could see his face.

Pete thought it was a blue-winged warbler. The pictures I found on the web sure looked like that bird, but when I listened to the song on the Cornell Lab of Ornithology site, it didn’t sound the same. I know that many birds have more than one call, so that might be the case here. Pete is pretty sure he’s got this one right.


A blue-winged warbler – but is it our warbler?

Here’s sound recording of the bird; it’s not the best quality (okay, it’s sort of bad), but it’s the only bird singing that you can hear.

Can anyone confirm our identification?

Until next time!


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